Big Feet and Some Big Meat for You Fiends

Big feet equals big meat for me.You know how the saying goes about big feet and big meat but it’s not always the case. There is one case though where it is and that’s right here — you’re looking at it. A powerful master with huge manly that are ready to prop up on your face and put you in your rightful place.

When you have big feet like these they need to be massaged all the time, worked on diligently and of course someone needs to clean out all the toe jam that gets built up in there.

Are you the right candidate to become my big feet loving loser or my pampering pussy foot slave? Let me know if you are because I know just what to do with you.

Big Feet and Then Some

It’s much more than just big feet. Not only will my feet intimidate you but so will this thick long prick of mine. My man meat will leave you cock worshipers groveling just like my gay feet fetish slaves. If you’re submissive, are into big feet on hung studs then you’ll love becoming one of my slaves. I have plenty of different types of footwear to toy with your brain with as well. Come and submit to me now.