College Jock Feet Get Me Aroused

College Jock FeetI’m going to cut to the chase and tell you I’m in love with college jock feet and they are practically the only thing that can get me aroused and make me orgasm.

I didn’t know where to turn and figured I’d shoot you guys the question and see what you think. The problem is I’m really into college jock feet so much so that I frequently sniff my frat brothers socks, sneakers and have even offered to rub their feet under the guise that my mom was a massage therapist and taught me (she wasn’t).

They are always working out and at practice so they get foot cramps and I charge them 5 bucks per massage (makes them less suspicious). Anyway I know it’s bad for me to lie like this to them but I need to get my rocks off like everyone else. Usually I get off to the college guys on cam from your site or with pics college jocks online I can find but I just can’t stop. I know they’d be pissed but what should I do? Keep doing it until I graduate or confess to them?

Crazed for College Jock Feet

Not for nothing but it sounds like you already know what you’re going to do. You know you won’t be able to resist continuing to rub their feet seeing you concocted such a scheme for foot fetish loving, ha-ha. We know foot lovers like you and you’ll do anything to get your fix. So we aren’t going to say to stop doing it because we both know that’s the best choice but you’re too horny for that! You need that hot jock sweaty man stink in your nostrils.

So what I’d suggest is seeing you’re charging them for foot massages and popping a bone every time you do one, you should use that money to buy stuff for the frat house so at least they are benefiting off it. That way you’re being submissive more ways than one!

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