Dominant Gay Footmaster: Bow Down!

Dominant Gay FootmasterWhen you’re in the presence of a dominant gay footmaster like me, you best be prepared to bow down like the bitch you are compared to me.

I’m a trained drill instructor and I’ll have you whipped into shape in no time. I know you need my feet and I’m going to make you earn it slave!

You think I’m just going to let you queer out on my feet and toes without working your ass over real good? You must be damn crazy if you think that.

That attitude of yours will change real quick when you mess with a demanding and hot verbally abusive gay master like me. For those of you that go crazy like a horny bitch over a man in uniform, well get your asses ready too! I’m strict, twisted and kinkier than you can even imagine. You’ll soon find out that you’ve needed me all along to rule over you as your footmaster.

Dominant Gay Footmaster Demands Obedience!

You listen here, bitch slave. I’m the man here and you’re nothing more than a foot fetish loving queer to me. All you are going to become is my submissive, foot addicted slave that can’t get enough of my training and foot abuse that I inflict on you.

So do you think you have what it takes to serve a dominant footmaster like me? Enough hesitation! You get in here and show me what you’ve got! Bow down now!