Gay Fetish for White Athletic Socks

White Athletic SocksThick white athletic socks. You know the type that are heavy cotton, suck of sweat like a sponge and reek like crazy — yep those ones.

We’re talking about a gay fetish for white athletic socks. There are all kinds of sock fetishes but this one specifically can get awful smelly.

This gay foot fetish can involve all sorts of different things like most foot and sock fetishes but often times will involve smelling, masturbating with or being forced to do either of the prior with a pair of sweaty gym socks.

Having spoke to hundreds of gay foot fetishists I can tell you with certainty that they love inhaling their pungent sweat soaked essences, rubbing them all over their faces and even having them stuffed in their mouth by a dominant footmaster. None of us are surprised by this at all because it’s super common when playing in this arena.

Reality of the Gay Fetishes for White Athletic Socks

Most gay guys into these ripe white socks tend to hide it from people so they never get to experience a real deal master putting them to use. Usually they resort to sneaking sniffs of their roommates or college buddies and even sometimes resort to trying to use their own — which usually doesn’t get them off. Those of you into the sock fetish know what I’m talking about.

At least now you can connect up with Masters that know all about this and can put your ass to some good use adoring their sweat logged white athletic socks.