Gay Social Network Like No Other

Shaftly: Gay Social Network

A few of us here at Gay Foot Cams, came across a gay social network that is truly like no other. Think pinterest and tumblr combined only all gay and just like the others — all free!

The gay social network we are talking here is Shaftly. Yep, that’s the name and it’s kinda hot if you ask me but anyway…

Shaftly is a gay social network that allows it’s users to post their own stuff as well as (similarly to pinterest) snatch up and post stuff from around the web. They have what they call a bookmarklet that makes it so if you’re on another website and see something hot — you can post it right to Shaftly from wherever you are.

Shaftly: Gay Social Network on Sterioids

It’s basically a social network where everyone is sharing, posting and commenting on the hottest and sexiest gay stuff they can find online. You can follow people you like, leave comments, like posts and even repin them to your own boards or blogs if you’d like.

Of course like with all social networks, you get your own profile that you can customize and share the link to. So all the standard features we come to expect are there as well. Best of all they were nice enough to even know to have a category just for feet! Now all of us can get in on the fun too.

Go check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. It really seems like they may be unto something very hot and if you hate free registration pages, you can log right in with a number of social networking accounts such as tumblr, twitter etc… Enjoy!