Inhale My Jock Feet You Lowly Foot Slaves

Jock Feet.After a long workout my feet get ripe! That’s why you need to inhale my jock feet like the lowly foot slave that you are.

Don’t you just love it when a dominant foot master orders you down on the ground in front of his feet before he makes you begin a full on adoration session. Well if you don’t, I’ll train you so that you will.

My feet need to be adored and I need the aroma sniffed out of them. That’s right I want you to massage, lick and sniff the pungent jock foot stink right out of them properly. Are you up for the task?

My Jock Feet in Your Face

Your face is the perfect place for my feet. When my socks have been completely soaked, I like to rest them on a gay foot slaves face until they dry and of course allowing them to suck in that intoxicating foot sweat. Once they are dry those socks will need to be peeled off slowly while you are made to watch and edge yourself to the point of insanity. You’ll be begging to inhale my jock feet in no time.

Come serve a true jock right now.