Polish My Knob and My Boots

Polish My Knob and My BootsWhat do you think about hearing, polish my my knob and my boots?

Did it get your attention or did it get you rock hard and aching to do as I order you to already? I wouldn’t be surprised but anyway.

This is one of my favorite things to do with my gay foot fetish slaves. I love to get them all worked up, turned on and dying to serve my big black boots. Oh but that’s not all.

Once I have them in that state of mind I then demand that my knob gets polished before they can get near them. Just imagine the agony their balls feel when they realize they have to wait even longer to get what they need.

Good Slaves Polish Knobs Then the Boots

Sure I’ve had some foot slaves that beg and plead saying that they need to lick my boots or worship my boots before they can get turned on enough to start bobbing like bimbo. But it’s not up to them to decide now is it? No it’s not. It’s Master’s choice.

What I often allow is for them to give my boots a quick kiss and a deep inhale out the top of them before they get pumped by my knob. Trust me I get wicked verbal and demanding while they polish their footmaster’s knob and I do it just to prolong your blue balls until you can’t take it anymore.

Who wishes they could try it out sometime?

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