Submit to My Smelly Socks and Your Master

Smelly socksYou can pretend you don’t want to submit your master’s smelly socks but we both know deep down inside you want to do nothing but.

Just think of the amount of times you’ve probably come across a roommates or friend’s worn rank smelly socks laying on the floor or in the hamper. Now with that in mind now try to think of how many of those times you didn’t want to suck in that foot scent? Exactly.

See your problem is you need a real master that will put you in your place and keep you there. Your love for ripe feet stink is one that isn’t going anyway so it needs to be used to the max. That nose of yours needs to become nothing more then a vacuum for the scent embedded into some extra smelly socks. Extra smelly? Yes that’s right.

After you inhale them a few times your desire is only going to grow so you need them extra frigging smelly so you get that same kick every time. Hell, you’ll become so obsessed you’ll start just wanting to see some sock feet, see those toes wiggling inside that cotton and just start begging for the ability to hump your hand but even that’s nut guaranteed.

Slaves Hooked on Smelly Socks

It all starts as a desire and then next thing you know, BOOM! — and you’re hooked. You already sometimes think about serving a dominant foot master and the urge just keeps on a growing. Forget all that though because you’ve now reached that point where you need to see those sock feet and need to hear about how those smelly socks are really stinking up over here.

Crawl to my feet and submit to my smelly socks.